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Ralf Dellen is a licenced Heilpraktiker Psychotherapy and Systemic Coach. He is a specialist for
  • helping victims of psychological abuse in toxic relationships
  • facilitating an efficient and accelerated personal growth process
He is Director of CITICS - International Centre for Integrative Therapies & Systemic Coaching

I am helping the victims of pervers-narcistic personalities
to heal their wounds of psychological abuse

so they can reconnect with their joy, happiness and love
and live a purposeful life.
(Direct & Online!)

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The most advanced method for your personal development


Do you need a change?

Do you want to overcome a challenge, an anxiety or grief?

Do you want to achieve an important goal?

Have you already tried other methods...

...that did not quite produce the results you need?

Then, Kinesiology-Coaching is for you! Direct & online.

Systemic Constellations

for persons & companies: the most efficient method to manage change, take difficult decisions and resolve conflicts - as much as on personal level, in a couple- or family relationship and as well for businesses or a team. Direct & online!

Training & Workshops

Training for therapists and victims on the Narcistic-Pervers Personality Disorder and the method to help the victims | Workshops for Systemic Constellations | Training for companies on Bio-Stress-Management.

Direkt & online!


Physical vascular therapy: improve your microcirculation - improve your health!

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