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Systemic Constellations

Being part of a constellation workshop is always an enriching experience.

There are different ways to participate in a constellation workshop: as a client (exposing your topic on which you would like to work), as a representative (representing someone or an element that is part of the client’s topic) or as a participant (observing and helping to sustain what happens on the phenomenological level during a constellation).


Family Constellations

What are family constellations and what purpose do they serve?


Systemic constellations are a very powerful tool to resolve challenges in relation to your partner, your family, your coworkers, a management team in a company and as well to address health issues.

By means of a constellation, we can very quickly uncover the hidden dynamics and disorders that are behind a conflict, a challenge or a medical condition. Bert Hellinger, a German psycho-therapist, who discovered and developed this phenomenological method, found out that an individual is always part of a context, of a system – be it his family or an organization. And it is in this context that we have to see the person and his blockage or entanglement in order to resolve it. With systemic constellations we can obtain a profound comprehension on how persons interact under the influence of hidden dynamics related to the context/ system to which they belong. This method allows to clear out the hidden obstacles. Like this, you achieve an improvement in the harmonic interaction of the persons with their system and as well with their environment. This is also called “systemic health”.

For family constellations, Ralf Dellen works with the method of Stephan Hausner (Germany).

Agile Constellations for businesses

systemic structural constellations - Ralf Dellen

When you work on enterprise challenges, business projects, a team of professionals or a business idea, etc., we put the focus on the transformation. What we are looking for is the systemic movement that allows the change.

We work on the same principles but in a way the the private issues of the persons involved remain unexposed. Thus, only the professional aspect is worked upon.

The systemic structural constellations, as they are called for this purpose, are a very efficient tool to resolve things like:   (click on the link below for more information)

For business purposes, Ralf Dellen works with the method that is taught by Renate Daimler (Austria).

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