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Personal development & therapy with kinesiology

"Those who do not learn from the aggravating occurrences in their lives, forces the universal conscience to reproduce them ...for as long as necessary to learn the lesson from the drama that has happened.
That which you deny, will submit you. That which you recognize, will transform you."

C.G. Jung

A personal development process is usually initiated when the person feels that "something is not right" in their life, that "something has to change" or when they think: "I can't believe this is happening to me" or maybe: "I don't understand what's happening to me".

With kinesiology we can access stress-free those memories which are hidden in the sub-conscious. It is possible to access much further and much deeper than with conventional speach-therapy or related methods. The number of sessions depends on the complexity and depth of the challenge, as well as on the person's willingness to transform.


Applying kinesiology, using the adequate protocols and the experience of the facilitator, it is possible to:

  • de-code transgenerational memories

  • reduce deeply rooted resistences / profound fears

  • balance your inner (and outer) conflicts

  • analyze your genealogy

  • overcome limiting conducts

  • overcome traumatic experiences

  • free unresolved griefs

  • help to overcome addictions

  • reduce stress symtoms

  • develop your personalidad

  • become conscious of pre-birth memories

To read more about real cases click here or access the blog.

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