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Systemic Consulting

Any topic or challenge that has to be taken care of by a managing director, an area manager, a team-leader or a specialist with the power to make decisions – it always belongs to a broader context. At the same time, every system inherently contains the power to solve the challenge or problem. You only have to support the system to reveal the solution. Systemic Consulting increases the consciousness about the broader context and fosters empowerment and authenticity. Becoming the observer of your own system opens new perspectives and leads to more creative and authentic solutions.

Systemic Team-building

This method is always recommended when a new team is set up, different teams are unified, extended or have to face new challenges.

The demotivation of staff members, the frustration in the job, the hidden agendas, the passive resistance, the resignation of qualified professionals, the sick-leave time and a high rotation of people causes a drop in productivity and adds substantial costs - which are avoidable!


Vital points to managing people:

  • all facts need to be recognized (the inclusion of al relevant facts increases productivity)

  • the right to belong to a company or a team (a good integration fosters efficient collaboration)

  • recognition of each staff member's seniority, the know-how this represents and the recognition of each person's effort and contribution increases motivation, efficiency, systemic learning and individual commitment

  • recognition of the hierarchy to avoid creation of hidden or implicit hierarchies. If they are confused with each other, this could lead to hidden or open conflicts for team-members

In short: a team can only be as good as its culture.


Do you want to change your way of directing the company or a team?   Contact with Ralf Dellen.

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