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An individual coaching process is usually initiated to obtain a conscious and defined result, such as changing a behavioural conduct or managing an emotional reaction to a specific situation or person, etc.

This process usually spreads over 5 to 9 sessions.


  • Change of behavioural patterns driven by unconscious emotions

  • Improve your relationship with superiors, collaborators, family, etc.

  • Increase your capacity to respond to any given challenge

  • Transform your challenges in learning opportunities

  • Overcome your conflicts and reduce your stress reactions

  • Activate your inherent resources to achieve your goals

  • Reach your success and implement your life changes


Some real cases solved through kinesiology-coaching:

  • A woman in a management position, leading a team of 12 people didn't know very well how to treat them and how to treat her superior and pushes people away with 'harsh' reactions. Today, she has recovered her team and they work better than ever. She was able to even recover the relationship and trust of persons which she had previously sought to be 'unrecoverable'. Her boss is very happy with her change.

  • A General Manager got very nervous when having to talk in front of his employees. As well, he suffers from chronic-fatigue-syndrome which reduces his vitality. The process still continues but the fatigue has reduced a lot and as well his nervousness of talking in public has improved considerably.

  • A young woman who was carrying inside herself a constant sensation of rage. This affected her relations on a social, work and emotional level. As well, she couldn't achieve to get pregnant. Today, the rage has vanished - she is much calmer on all levels and her relationships are much more balanced. We are still waiting for the news on the pregnancy ...

  • A person in an administrative position suffers from the bad working climate and from the pressuring personality of his superiors (who are the owners of the company). He even got to have physical symptoms. On one hand, he didn't have the strength to manage the pressure, on the other hand he was missing energy to start looking for another job. First, he increased considerably his ability to handle and balance the stress. And the latest news was that he sent out his CV "just to try" ...and he is now in a new job and company. The change was not an escape from the old situation but he really attracted the change he wanted.

Access the blog to read shared testimonials of persons who have made a personal growth through a process with kinesiology.

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