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Acknowledgement is an element that - if felt in the heart - enriches our life; it connects us to abundance through the appreciation of what is, without importance on how we went through what we have lived. Everything contributes to our growth and completion and to our mission in life.

This section is dedicated to the persons that had an important influence in my life:

  • my parents, my family - everything comes from them.

  • my wife - who never ceases to surprise me with her love, her wisdom and her capabilities.

  • my teachers - from school, from universities, from my education on Kinesiology & Kinegenealogy and Systemic Constellations. Thank your for teaching me!

  • those special persons that taught me consciously or unconsciously, who have been (and still are) a reference point to me - be it simply for their way of being or their personal integrity (or the absence of it). Some I searched, and some found me.

  • those persons who opened a door without asking anything in return, the persons that supported me because they saw something in me which I still had to discover.

  • my clients, for giving me their trust and for sharing their challenges with me as well as their resolving of these challenges together with me through kinesiology & constellation work. Seeing you shine when you have overcome a challenge, when you have gotten rid of something that weighed you down, that is my motivation everyday to do what I do.

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