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Systemic approach for decision taking

Every day, managers have to take decisions and they don’t always have enough time to reflect about the full range of consequences. Every decision influences the integrity of the system in which we work.

With every decision there is an established part to be left behind at the same time we give importance to something new – be it i.e. if we accept a new job or responsibility, if we substitute an obsolete product for new one, if we move the company-offices or if we decide to take on a new associate, the opening of a new subsidiary or the merger with another company.

Almost always it is about:

  • Recognition of “The ONE” (generally the well-known) and becoming aware of its advantages and disadvantages and also, to take the firm decision to say “good bye” to it

  • Recognition of “The OTHER” (generally the new to come) and taking a close look at it before deciding in its favor or rejecting this option

  • Also, we need to consider the option “BOTH” and in case that this would be a valid option, change the focus on what actually connects “The ONE” with “The OTHER”

  • Additionally, the option “NONE OF THE TWO” might arise. This would represent a context or an aspect that was forgotten before


Another element which is added to this process called “Tetralemma” is the so-called “THE 5th ELEMENT”. It helps to achieve more clarity and support the decision to take and very likely it could reveal hidden possibilities or resistances that need to be treated before taking a final decision.

Decision making

Do you have a complex decision to make?   Contact with Ralf Dellen.

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