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My curriculum
  • native German, born in Cologne

  • I have lived in Germany, USA, Portugal, Southafrica and France. I live in Barcelona since 2002 and in the province of Girona since 2021.

  • I can attend you perfectly well in several languages.


  • I have 20+ years of experience in multinational companies, mainly in the Pharmaceutical industry and as well in other industries.


  • During these 20+ years I have participated in preparing a company's IPO, in mergers, in restructuring processes, in complex negotiations, and many years in the implementation of SAP, process definition & -optimization, among other projects...


  • 12+ years of experience as Director: decision making in complex environments, staff selection and people development, constructing very successful teams and - above all - helping persons to outperform themselves and unfold their full potential.

  • Today I practice as Heilpraktiker (psychotherapy), kinesologist and coach for emotional and transgenerational topics as well as constellation facilitator for personal and business issues. I have specialized in getting out of toxic relations (private or work-environment) and recovering from their destructive impact (recovery of self-esteem, confidence and joie de vivre). For companies I offer a bullying prevention programme.

  • I am the founder & director of CITICS - International Centre for Integrative Therapies & Systemic Coaching |


  • I give training on Bio-Stress-Management and I teach the systemic principles to directors, apart from helping them to develop their full potential based on systemic ethic.


  • Additionally, I practice Yoga and meditation in which I was trained by Swami Purohit (spiritual master from India), who presently resides in Granada, Spain.

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