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Managing conflict systemically

Who works with people knows that it is not always possible to avoid conflict. If it is a difficult one, often we like to ignore or subdue it. If this happens for a longer period of time, we end up experimenting either paralysis in our system or at some time the conflict breaks out with such energy that it is difficult to contain the damage this causes. Many times, teams stop functioning, relations with clients break and internally we might have cases of mobbing and resignation.

Managing conflict in a systemic way, helps to:

  • Communicate uncomfortable issues in a non-violent way

  • Take a position as observer (instead of accuser) for all positions involved

  • Generate a climate for dialogue to listen to all opinions and foster transparency

  • Reinitiate the interaction between all persons involved where beforehand blockage or resistance was experienced

  • Introduce the principle of first recognizing all different perspectives before resolving the conflict

  • Increase the acceptance that sustainable consensus is achieved through comprehension and respect


Do you need to resolve a conflict?   Contact with Ralf Dellen.

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